Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pink please!

Fueled by the enthusiasm shown by Ms P, my niece towards the crocheted capelet, I felt encouraged and crochet her a blouse top.

crochet top down pattern

As you can tell, it's a top down pattern. [Actually when I put it on the mannequin, I saw the potential of this design being a fashionably chic neck bangle when crocheted using the right yarn!]

hand stitch round collared crochet sundress

Then disaster struck. I showed it to my niece excitedly and got her to try it on for size. And we had a conversation that went like this:

The soon-to-be-5yo gal said, "Auntie Mommy, the armholes are a tad tight."
I replied, "Ok, I'll redo and fix the armholes."
And I proceeded to ask, "Do you like this?"
She went silent for a while and went, "I prefer pink better."


Then mustering all the calm I could, I told her, "P, if you really do not like yellow, then I'll abandon the project. I will not continue on so you wouldn't have this finished project to wear. Is that ok with you?"

She looked at me and then replied in the sweetest voice, "Auntie Mommy, do finish the project. I will promise to wear it. I just simply like pink better but it's ok if it's yellow."

Aww.... aren't kids just simply so adorably charming when they know they are treading on the edge of a volcano?

Got to hand it to her.

crochet dress from neck with back opening

And so, the story continues.



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