Monday, November 29, 2010

Bag or basket

Apart from knitting, the crochet projects are creeping back to be in line for completion.

The hexagon project is coming along much further.

handmade crochet hexagon tote bag class singapore

I have tucked in all the tails, and even added a trim edging to the opening.

crochet tote trim edging

The thing I haven't yet figured out is how I would like the handles to be attached.

- Should I add it right at the top?
- Or maybe an inch or 2 from inside?
- How should the handles look? (I definitely intend to crochet them.)

Any suggestions?

I think adding a lining would also further help stabilize as well as prevent tiny things from falling through the crevices.

Until I come to a conclusion, this project is now sitting at one corner of my living room as a very lovely WIP basket.

I can't believe we're just a month away from Christmas! Now I seriously need to increase my pace.



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