Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally a knitted lapghan

The *garter* thing is nearing conclusion.

folded hand knitting throw

I said, nearly.

knitted hexagon lapghan for living room sofa

Although most of the ends are tucked, I have yet to start on the finishing border. I haven't decided if knitting or crochet would be more appropriate.

I am just surprised that my persistence has lasted so long! Looking back at my past blog entries, this project started way back in late Jan this year!

That's about a whole FOUR months' worth of knitting. And if you consider the amount of yarn that went into it, that's about 12 balls of 50g yarn. The gals decided that it's insane and that I would have been better off creating new wearable garments for the same amount of knitting time. The lapghan covers me comfortably from my feet to just over my shoulders. (I'll see if I can convince GT to take a photo of me with it.)

And the fact that I had used the knitted-on technique, I literally had to lug this monstrous project wherever I went. I was hell-bent on getting to the finish line.

roomy agnes b knitting tote

I ended up buying this tote bag from Agnes B to meet my needs of project transportation. And for those of you who have seen the actual bag, you have to admit that it really can allow you to stuff quite a few projects in it.

Inwardly, I would have wished that this now-named lapghan could have transformed into a queen-size blanket.

However, as a stash busting project, I really can't see myself running out to the store to get more yarn balls of the above colors. Besides, this is a slightly scratchy yarn. What's the point then?

And that just reminds me -- I need to get some cloth to get a backing done so that this lapghan can really be used comfortably. Once I finish the border, that is.

Woo hoo! I've never been so excited in such a long time!



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