Monday, March 29, 2010

The *garter* thing and its special bag

Actually, it's grown quite a bit that it's gotten its own special resident tote bag. By resident, I mean, the tote bag in question contains no other knitting or crochet projects.

pink zippered tote bag

And it comes in a bright cheery shade of pink with flower motifs all over. Oh, and a hair clip for those bad hair days, which is getting frequent.

knitting bag contents

It comes with a zip and a button flap which makes it ideal for bringing small knitting projects around as you can button the bag and expose the working yarn and knit on the go easily (without zipping up fully.)

There is also a small pocket but I don't use it as it's too shallow and I keep worrying that things will drop out.

The bag is now getting a little too cramped for 3 balls of yarn and my ever-growing thing. You can see that I also stash a bottle of water and a book for reading on the go. And my wallet goes into it as well.

hand knitted hexagon blanket in progress
Here's the WIP. I am on the 9th column. The recent rainy days helped; the cool air is making me motivated enough to knit more often. Hopefully this project can be complete by May!
If you see me toting this bag sporting some knitting, don't forget to come up and say hi!



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