Friday, April 7, 2006

I wish for...

1. A black sheep tape measure

See that little black sheepie?!

After seeing it at Jennifer's blog, I just decided that it's way sooo defiantly cute! The only problem? No LYS in Singapore carries them. So if any kind souls out there would care to help me out; an international swap can be arranged. Just email me.

2. A Singing Pig (alright, more like hubby's interest)

Imagine a birthday pressie that sings "My Gal". [grin]

I couldn't find it sold locally anywhere but managed to locate it at so I may have to ship it internationally. I am not sure if I could resist throwing a few knitting magazines into the package as well -- that's such a tempting thought.

3. A completed FO

Ever had one of these conversations going inside your brain?

Sweet voice: " many lovely projects. And I love those different yarns that you are fondling."

Evil voice: "My foot! Are you sure she's gonna finish them? She'll probably chuck them into the bin once she loses interest!"

Sweet voice: "No, she won't."

Evil voice: "Yes, she will. You'll see."

And the last 2 statements keep going on and on...

Yes, it happened to me last night after I confessed and blogged of the multiple projects I started. And I was determined to prove it wrong.

So yarn shopping it is, this afternoon to pick up the much needed skeins.

In the evening back home, I took the yarns out and continued my pursuit. I did a count -- in absolute working hours, it would have taken me about 4hrs non-stop to crochet this beret. I finally got it finished just a little before midnight.

Got to say I love it! I just need to make sure I have a nice hairdo, some makeup, funky/retro outfit sans spectacles -- they get in the way of beauty (LOL) and besides, I haven't won my contact lenses for quite a while.

For anyone interested, the pattern's from Family Circle Easy Crochet Fall/Winter 2005.

Now, if only the projects I pick can be completed that quickly....


Ruth on Fri Apr 07, 01:49:00 AM GMT+8 said...

hi emy,
the LYS's in Singapore don't carry the sheep tape measures?? =( =( if you let me know your mailing address, i'll pick one up for you and send it over! they are pretty cute =)
- ruth

Anonymous said...

Emy, I've never seen the sheep tapemeasure in black, but I'd be happy to find one for you. I know lots of shops that sell the white ones, so I'm sure some of them have the black ones now.

Scoutj on Fri Apr 07, 04:45:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Let me know! I have them at my shop.

KnittenKnots on Sat Apr 08, 03:41:00 AM GMT+8 said...

The hat is VERY cute!! I love it.

Sheila on Sun Apr 09, 09:44:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Hi the beret... It is a popular item here in New York.. I have seen many people sporting them during the winter and would love to make one... but think its a bit challenging for me... you did a great job.


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