Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is the second crochet project I started. Sometime after I started crocheting the hexagons.

crochet in the round class singapore

As much as I love the cheery bursts of colors, I wanted a wearable garment. I am a Plain Jane where clothes are concerned -- plain colors for me please!

So I chose a pineapple motif (as this is commonly referred to) and got working on it. I started at 1am in the wee hours of the morning. Yes, I figured I was a little insomniac and figured that a little crochet work will get me tired enough to crawl back to bed.

Honestly, it was a wrong move.

Instead of feeling tired, crocheting got me so energized that I stayed up all the way until 5am. Then I woke up  around noon time and kept going. That's a serious crochet addiction, I tell you.

Then by 10pm at night, I am all done. All in less than 24 hours!

crochet lesson singapore

This pattern is originally a fully crocheted skirt.

I am now contemplating that instead of 100% crochet skirt, I might want:
  • To pick up the stitches and knit upwards to the waist?
  • Or maybe a toga top with this being the accent piece at the neckline?
  • Or leave it as is and use it as a shawlette?
  • Or do as what the gals are suggesting: turn it into a dress!

But seriously, I am tempted with the dress idea...


By the way, thanks for all the well-wishes. I am so happy that my other blog is being featured on 3 Sep 2010 in The Straits Times, Urban titled "Craft your own fashion" (page 20).



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