Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dropping stitches for the fun of it

I seriously declare myself a process knitter. I just start so many projects on a whim and that I lost track of the many resulting UFOs in residence.

Having been often nagged by my sister that she only had the honour of ever receiving the one and only handknit sweater from me (while it looks absolutely frumpy on me, the sweater comes to life when my sister puts it on!), I decided it was time to knit another project for her.

dropped ladder stitch knitting

Taking a cue from a knitting book, I have decided that a simple dropped ladder stitch pattern with simple ribbing works best for this nubby yarn.

nubby yarn singapore store close up

This yarn was something from the closet -- gifted by my good friend who first picked up knitting with me about 14 years ago, then abandoned ship. She figured rather than to have the yarn be lying around, it should go to a good knitter's home.

knitting project singapore

Which wasn't an issue, until I realized due to its uneven texture, the dropped stitches aren't exactly as defined as I liked them to be, forcing me to work on twisted stitches next to them when I could have gone with standard knitting. Arrgh!

ladies tank top knitting shop singapore

But did I love the result? Absolutely! I just had to put this on the mannequin to check out the final measurements. I left the armholes unworked as I wanted my sister to actually try it on so I can gauge how much to bind off the armholes for -- she has a much longer upper bodice than me.

This has got to be one of the fastest knit that'll be FOed recently!


Marsha on Mon Oct 18, 04:53:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Love this! Definitely post directions on Ravelry when you get a chance!!!


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