Thursday, March 11, 2010

Experimental cookie baking

I know this is a knitting/crochet blog but at the moment, the *garter* thing is growing very slowly; that I wouldn't even calling it "inching".

So I would talk about my recent baking exeperience instead.

Back during the Lunar New Year weekend, I dived into baking. It's not the usual Chinese New Year goodies baking such as pineapple tarts or kuehs -- I am really an amateur where baking is concerned. But I just wanted to bake.

Hence, I used the easiest butter cookie recipe I can find. And just the pipette that I bought sometime back.
butter cookie swirl piping

And it was pretty fun although I could use much more practice as the results are just so wonky.

Perhaps catching up with my knitting and crochet can provide me with the much needed piping squeezing strength?

baked mini butter cookies

Or is it just because I was too ambitious for my first attempt as the cookies are really bite-sized morsels that I intended for my 4yo niece?

bite size cookies

I didn't realize that using the pipette would result in these cookies having dents in the back. I mean, wouldn't the cookie mixture melt and fill the gaps duing the baking process?

pretzel cookie swirls

And I managed to make around 200 cookie minis -- I had to bake them in several batches as I have a countertop oven.

Does anyone have a good brand to recommend?

heart shape cookie

On closer inspection of the cookies, I noticed this one piece -- see the lovely heart shape? I wish I can say I intentionally piped it but alas, this is not the case.

And so, it was gifted to GT as part of the Valentine's Day wishes.



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