Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Colored hexagon sandwiches anyone?

knitted hexagon blanket folded

These days, the unworked sections of the *garter thing* (refer to this post on how this project name came about) is constantly in a folded, pined up stage. Doesn't it remind you of a stack of crispy criss-cross wafer cookies?

hexagon knitting table runner

When laid out flat, this piece is as long as my coffe table (about 5 feet or 1.5 metres long). I figured if I stopped here, I would have a funky, chic table runner.

My guy friend remarked that this reminds him of the soccer ball surface -- he's a Premier League fan, like GT is.

Currently, I am on the sixth column and still persisting. See the back of the photo where I have just started?

If you look from that vantage point, it can be quite depressing.

Hence the folding and clipping of the un-worked sections -- it just makes the project look shorter than it is until I get to the end of the column.

Visual deception in this case, is totally essential to avoid mid-way abortion.

As a reminder to self, the above is a representation of 300 grams (100g of each color) worth of 4ply yarn knitted using 3mm needles.

In order to get it as wide as it is long, it looks like I'll have to quadruple the dosage! I don't think I would have enough of these colors in my stash. In fact, I have just about 100g worth for each color and that's it.

Very annoying... I'll have to work on resolving this issue when it comes. I would really hate to buy yarn as this is meant to be a stashbuster!


Monique on Wed Feb 10, 04:04:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Nice work!


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