Thursday, January 28, 2010

When hand knitted scarves were the rage

When it comes to gifting, sometimes I am at a loss. While I am not averse to knitting or crocheting garments, I do find it challenging to create gifts for others when it comes to surprise gifts. Especially when you are not allowed to measure them.

This is when scarf patterns come in handy. Scarves as gifts work well since most of my friends do travel overseas one time or another. It's also just not as demanding in terms of fit.

hand knit scarfs lessons Singapore

Plus, I love the idea of experimenting with new stitches, shapes and colors.

Here's one I knitted back in 2008 -- sounds like an awfully long time ago, doesn't it?

hand knitted wavy scarf
This picture show the true color. You can see that the yarn looks very plump -- it's a chunky merino blend.

However, I didn't quite like the look as well so I decided to kill it by ironing.


Interesting, it looks great too! In fact, it's far more papery-thin and looks very stunning! (My apologies for the crap photo...let's just say that I was shooting with effects.)



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