Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cracked under pressure

The nail art, that is. It barely lasted a week. My right thumb developed a crack where the acrylic extension was applied.

nail art removal

As you can see in the photo, I have taken to removing the nail art by myself. It's my first attempt and it didn't occur that I needed strong acetone nail remover (acetone-free remover just don't work) to get rid of them.

Technically, you are supposed to soak your nails into it. I thought that's really harmful and decided that I should soak cotton pads and place them on my nails instead.

Obviously, I am not that successful. Hence the pitiful state you see now.

You can also see the severely cut down thumb nail.

From now on, I'll probably stick to simple manicure. Or perhaps a trip back to the nail salon to get proper nail art removal done.

Can I blame my cooking expedition?

asian home cooked meal

This is the meal that I was referring to on my twitter entry in the right column.

As for Deb asking me about eyelash perming -- that's probably a magic trick that every straight haired gals must know. As Asians, we typically have very straight eyelashes. For me, it doesn't help when I have hidden double eyelids.

eyelash perming

Now that my nails are less of a worry, I can crochet to my heart's content!


Knitter by Day.... on Tue Aug 04, 10:56:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I have had similar probs with acrylics. I love/hate them or should I say love to hate them. How do you find knitting with them? The last time I had them I remember having to re-adjust for a few days. BTW: I love your site.

emy on Fri Aug 07, 09:24:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Thanks babe for coming by!

Actually apart from the thumb and index finger nails that are prone to snagging everything in sight, the rest are pretty bearable!


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