Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Once in a lifetime

If you have been following my blog, you will probably notice that I am a rather spontaneous person when it comes to writing.

I have a tendency to get either:
  • all overly excited and write several entries within a sitting or a short period of time; or
  • have a writer's block and in effect resort to a Houdini hiding act, even in blogland.

We had very important activity last Friday -- our bridal photoshoot*. A whole day event that was booked & arranged more than 3 months ago but I never felt the urgency until 3 weeks before the shoot day when my galfriends started dishing out well-intended advice.

Hence, a to-do list** that comprises of the following was developed:
  1. Hair coloring (I had it done the week earlier so it didn't count but is considered integral to the photoshoot.)
  2. A micro-dermabrasion session to slough away dead skin cells, coupled with a facial
  3. A body steam for detox
  4. Facial threading (but didn't happen...)
  5. Brow shaping ( go too!)
  6. A mani/pedi session
  7. Eyelash perming

Lest you think that I am a hairy monster, I swear I am being goaded into believing that having my face threaded (ala Indian style) makes it easier for makeup foundation to adhere better.

Though I have to admit that my brows are a tad untidy.

But I decided against items 4 & 5 when:
  1. My makeup artist told me she would trim my brows;
  2. Logic took over when I realized that doing a facial threading a day just before the studio shoot would be suicidal! What if my sensitive skind decides to do a major acne breakout?! (That can happen if you are allergic to the powder they use. Or if your skin pores are aggravated.)

To be honest, my eyes nearly popped when my galfriend suggested that I put items 6 & 7 on my list.

Those who know me well, are aware that I am very laid-back casual when it comes to dressing. T-shirts (apart from my own knitwear), paired with capris/jeans and birki sandals is my de-factor dress code. [So if you see a girl with black specs dressed like this knitting or crocheting in the MRT train, that might just be me.]
However, galfriend assured me that this is the time I ought to give myself a little deserving treat. So I spent 2.5hrs in the nail salon. This is what I've got.

manicure nail art
Aren't they gorgeous? Hand painted nail art with Swarovski crystals too!

Though those are my real nails (apart from my thumbs which needed extensions as they both had major chips), the crystals really made their presence felt. No matter what I am doing, they just somehow got in the way. Imagine trying to pull the coke can tab or trying to flick open a bottle cap.

Now you can imagine me trying to crochet with these nails for the past few days!

The upside? Hb thinks they are pretty and I use them as excuse to avoid some housework. [grin] But seriously, I don't think I would be doing these often as they can be pretty high maintenance.

black hair pins
Black hair pins

I know, I can be stating the obvious at times. This handful came off from my hairdo even though I told the makeup artist ala hair stylist (it's the same person) that I wanted loosely bundled hair. She said she needed to stick these pins to ensure that my hairdo will withstand the weathers when we trudged outdoors for 3 hours of shooting.

In fact, there were close to 15 hair pins that was removed at the studio as they needed to get my veil off my hairdo.

I am really looking forward to see how the photos turn out!

* Hb & I never really got around to getting a proper bridal shoot until of late & so I feel compelled to blog about this.
** This list is good for anyone who is considering a photoshoot.


--Deb on Thu Jul 30, 05:56:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I'll bet the photos are gorgeous ... but, #7?? Eyelash perming? Do people even DO that?? (grin)

emy on Sat Aug 01, 04:38:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Deb, don't be surprised! I've got a photo posted in my next entry so you can have a look! :P


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