Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Still on that secret crochet project. Wiki defines it as "a piece of information that one person or a group of people know, and do not want others (either everyone, or certain people) to know."

Although some of the gals actually know what I am working on, I am reluctant to share further details of what this project is about as I fear the pressure I am subjecting myself to.

Irish crochet thread
See the amount of tails?
I'll have to set aside some proper time to tuck in those.

Yet, I keep pushing myself to blog on my progress as it's the only way to ensure that I'll not lose momentum or abort it halfway. As you can see, I have started on a second set of motifs.

hand crochet motifs

The pace is picking up although I am not crocheting as fast as I would like to. Eventually...



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