Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Keeping really busy

Last Tues, I was really sick. I was coming down with flu and cough so I decided to stay home. The self-imposed one day quarantine is of my own will since the H1NI virus news was splashed over the news and I didn't want to deal with suspicious scrutiny if I do an occasional nose blow or cough when out in the public.

So I spent the time browsing pattern books and decided that starting yet another new project is the best way to go.

crochet pineapple motif in cotton yarn for Singapore wear

It actually progressed rather quickly, save for the one-time major rip back as my brain was clouded by the drowsiness-induced flu medicine prescribed by the doctor.

crochet sideways ladies blouse

If I am lucky, it may be finished right within this month.

Blog revamp
And if you have been trying to access my blog directly for the last few days, I apologise for this blog's intermittent loading issues.

This blog has been around since Sep 2005 so it's coming to be 4 years of age soon. I figured a blog de-clutter and revamp exercise is necessary so I plunged straight into it over the weekend -- I've been meaning to get around to doing it but well...

I may be doing some fine-tuning work over the next few days so once again, thanks for your patience.



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