Friday, October 17, 2008

Back from hiding…

I just realized that I haven't been blogging for 379 days already! Evidently, the past year hasn't been my most productive period given my long stretch of absence, both on this blog and the other.

However, I can certainly assure you that my own knitting is still on-going though most are in the various stages of WIPs – both knitting and crochet. The pace has slowed down considerably given that more time is given to my other pursuits such as cooking and baking. Please don't attempt to ask me for recipes at this point as most dishes are created out of randomness, given whatever ingredients I have in the fridge or my eating whims – I'll never get the exact measurements right since I cook by gut-feel. Not a very professional approach as you can tell. There are some hits and misses but I would share those another time.

Nevertheless, my knitting lessons are not ignored. They are well and alive, with new customers joining us constantly.

And of course, I get to blame the bl**dy camera too! The old one had some technical fault issues and the repair fees quoted were too expensive. Long story short, I got not one but 2 replacement cameras instead! So now I have to grapple with organizing photos that are located differently. *tsk, tsk* (Someone explain why I am such a techie hoarder?!)

But hey, I am surprised that you are still reading my blog! How have you been?


handknit168 on Sat Oct 18, 03:12:00 PM GMT+8 said...

welcome back. We don't repair a DC, buy a new one instead. good luck to you.

Ling on Mon Nov 03, 09:45:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Good to see you back and looking forward to seeing your projects!!

ger on Thu Nov 06, 04:40:00 PM GMT+8 said...

hey sis... finally c u write someting on ur blog... but its so empty and blank... must put some pics in... okie...

ps: u 1 2 put my all my completed pcs of my x stitch in ur blog??? i can give u... :p


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