Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I've been unfaithful

To my knitting, that is.

Even though I profess my everlasting love for knitting, I have been having fleeing thoughts about my other partner, the crochet. In fact, the signs are all there: the latest Japanese magazines has been featuring lots of crochet....the glossy spreads tempting me to stray while the knit trends seem to steer towards beginner projects for the newbies. With the impeding arrival of winter, chunky knits takes prominence and that is not helping either.

So I dug out my old projects.

See these 2 pieces? Can you even make out what they are?

hand crochet thread

I started them and blogged way back in
(get this...) November 2005. That's about 2 years ago!!

It was time to put them to rest. So I took a deep breath and ripped them all out. Yup...I couldn't bear the thought of them trying to catch my eyes and make contact from time to time; just peeking out of the WIP basket.

hand crochet square collar motifs joined

Then it just struck me why I procrastinated whenever I get myself emotionally involved with crochet. Those ENDS!!

crochet variegated fishnet lace

As the pattern moved onto the mesh lace pattern, it got a TAD easier. But the tiny crochet hook just makes my finger hurt as I crochet quite *brutally* (I notice that I tend to exert a lot of force when I crochet. It's an old habit that I need to break, really...)

crochet mesh lace stitch

Just barely. As I was pretty particular about the fit and the color variegation, I took 3 visits to the FROG POND; each time getting a little smarter. You can never imagine how much torture it was. Is anyone as finicky about color variegations -- letting nature take its course? Or do you try to manipulate them?

The first time I crocheted in the round, the colors pooled so badly, while going diagonally. I tried to convince myself that the pooling didn't matter. However it really got to me so bad that I decided to rip back even though I was more than 3/4 through. (And the pooling result was just so hideous that I didn't even want to take a photo of it! Tsk tsk.)

But I am glad I did as I am quite pleased with the final results.

thread crochet fish net summer sexy top

variegated thin snug body hugging sleeveless tank

This pattern is from the recent issue of Keitodama, I think. Took me about 3 weeks to complete it.

The modifications I made are quite aplenty.

First, I changed the pattern to crochet in the round (or is there such a term as circular crochet?)

Then apart from sizing down to fit, I also re-sculptured the bodice so that there is waist shaping (the original pattern is totally straight cut). I also modified the sleeves by cutting back half as the updated style is really more *me* (whatever that means.)

As of now, that finished tank is still dressing my mannequin. I decided that an astrology consultation is in order to ensure that I will follow through with the zillion tails tucking marathon! *groan*

Now you know why knitting seems like a more attractive option to me!

( I am preparing to post this, I now noticed that my latest color is the orange family?!)


Sheila on Sat Oct 06, 01:10:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Beautiful Top and great colors. Don't feel bad about being unfaithful. I've been peeking at crochet projects and actually wipped up some slippers to soothe me, but really feeling the need to crochet a garment. I also know the feeling about brutal crocheting. After completing the slippers my left wrist was killing me. Crocheting in the round with variegated yarn can produced horrible pooling - but your top is gorgeous and love the shaping.

Judy on Sat Oct 20, 12:51:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I really love this crocheted top! I have two Keitodama magazines, and I love them. I haven't made anything from them yet, but I plan to. Keep up the great work!

Melinda on Wed Dec 26, 01:53:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I thinking of taking up crochet myself. I feel that a versatile knitter should be able to do both - so no need to feel unfaithful!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Are you going to Vietnam?

V JR on Mon Jun 02, 06:34:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I too loved the top you've crocheted...its beautiful !!!I'm into crochet completely....can't go even a day without crocheting. I tried to learn knitting but realised that its not for me.


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