Friday, September 21, 2007

It's been a while...

Being away from the PC is getting way too comfortable when you have things in the offline world to keep you occupied. Bad ones included.

I had the stupidity to wash a newly bought red skirt with my knitted bamboo top in the washer. I have already washed the skirt one and didn't think that there'll be any more dyes coming off. As with Murphy's Law, one is just so ever wrong.

stained knitted top

Honestly, it was a result of a grave oversight. I had them thrown into the washer but when the cycle stopped, I didn't immediately pull them out to air them. So I figured that wet laden skirt must have spread its dye into the top which it was resting on.

knitting accident

Then came a slew of attempts as I tried to get rid of the stains. (Groan, I know...I so want to bawl my eyes out when I first saw my top!)

There was the bicarbonate soda soak.
The toothpaste on the area.
Color bleach; except that I didn't dare to use too much of it lest it strips off all the color (remember the brown edging on the bottom?)

Nothing really worked. Until I was recommended this product:
The Dylon Color Run Remover

Now, here's the MAJOR DISCLAIMER:
I am not saying that The Color Run Remover will work for all fibers. You will have to do a small test patch.

I had to soak once in a barely lukewarm water for 4 hours (of which only slight stain fading was detected.) Not satisfied with the results, I went totally heavy handed and poured some scalding hot water on it and let the garment sit for another hour.

The result?

color stripped knit top

The stains are mostly gone and my knitted top is as good as new. The contrast edging has faded somewhat though but luckily, the color still goes well with the main body.

The bonus?
See that belt I was wearing? I had to sooth my nerves by knitting with the special order new silk blend yarn that's just came in (that's just us carrying it exclusively here in Singapore). A not-so-mindless project (I ripped and restarted 4 times as I wasn't pleased with the pattern) but it just took less than a ball of that beautiful variegated yarn!

The Moral of the Story?
Do not ever believe that it is ok to have a mixed color laundry; especially if you are going to throw in your handknits!


Sheila on Sun Sep 23, 03:58:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Welcome back and glad that you were able to save your top.

Monique on Mon Sep 24, 12:41:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Welome back. You've been missed. That was a close call on your top, but it looks great now.


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