Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back from self-imposed exile....

Apart from being seriously busy with fun activities like trying out new cooking and baking receipes, it's been a *fun* time trying to wean myself from the internet and the PC. It's amazing the number of extra hours you get when you stay away from internet surfing.

I've been knitting too, rather slowly...but first the good news.

If you have heard about the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, well, they have released a Singapore version called
"Chicken Soup for the Singapore Soul" recently.

Singapore chicken soup knitting instructor

Leong Ching, one of the editors, contacted me and asked if I would contribute to the book on my dramatic career switch. I submitted my story and it can be found in the section titled A Life Less Ordinary.

And the topic title? "The Knitting Instructor."

Ok, I know I should have come up with a more creative title. *grin*

PS. And I did a silly thing and almost wrecked my favorite bamboo knit top. I'll share that in the next post.


Sheila on Fri Jul 27, 05:04:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Congratulations on contributing your story to Soup for the Singapore Soul.

Ava on Mon May 11, 10:37:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Thanks for your kind words about my Seaweed Necklace! You've been on my Blogroll for years, but like you, I took the last year off. Though unlike you, my internet inactivity just happened! Not a lot of knitting either. But you've done so much! Congrats on having your story told in Chicken Soup for the Singapore Soul. I've seen Jack Canfield on a few shows last year and look forward to reading this new book, especially your entry.

Wishing you well (and positive energy) for all of your endeavors, old and new!


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