Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blogging in spurts

I wonder if this is a problem for another bloggers. I have taken to analysing my entries and noticed an erratic trend --

1. Either no entries for an entire month
2. Or consecutive entries over the next 15 days or so; usually with 3 or 4 days -apart entries

I am a bad, bad blogger. I noticed that major incidences do throw activities off track a little. On my part, the sacrifice is on my blogging. But then, I never do hold off my knitting for longer than 2 weeks or so. During that time, I'll be bringing out all my pattern books and re-flipping to browse and re-acquaint myself with any new possibilities of future projects. [I have way too many that is being tabbed that the total count probably is closer to the high end of double digits!]

However, even when the writing is held off, I would still try to post some of the knitting that I've been working on. Such as my pink silk blend top.

knitted lace silk tunic

If you are wondering why the knitted lace garment hasn't seem to have grown, well, I have ripped back a repeat or so. Just because I spotted 2 rows of pattern where I have done 2 purl stitches instead of knit stitches.

The gals (Jenny and Leena) kept reassuring me that I was just being over-zealous and that no one would have spotted the mistakes as they are embedded in the knitting.

Now my question is: how many of you would have gone ripping to rectify the mistake if the mistakes are found more than a repeat away?

My knitting has been lagging lately so I made a pact with Leena -- she has a goal to finish her sleeveless hoodie while I am to complete this silk top by Apr 30. We reckon that having to egg each other on by doing regular progress reports certainly helps motivate us to move along faster as we do have other projects in mind that we want to start on.

Anyone joining us on the Apr 30 deadline knit? Oh, and did I mention that I am pretty glad that Project Spectrum has pink listed for the months of Apr/May?


SweetPeaknits on Wed Apr 11, 03:42:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I gotta hold my hands up, I probably wouldn't have gone back and corrected the problem. All that hard work... Saying that, if I was knitting for someone else, I would have corrected the mistake as what I gift has to be perfect.

alltangledup on Thu Apr 12, 03:17:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I would rip an entire garment if I made a mistake that was obvious to me. (Actually, I have done that twice)

For the knitting, I can't abide sloppiness but where the sewing is concerned, I tend to be a bit less fussy.

I would join you in the April finish only, I have one big project that I'm working on now and there is just no way that it'll be done by end of April, even if I gave up sleeping

Judy on Thu Apr 12, 11:59:00 AM GMT+8 said...

This is a really beautiful pattern!! Did you write this pattern? If not, what magazine did it come from? Love it! Can't wait to see if finished.

Sally on Fri Apr 13, 11:39:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Yes, I would go back and rip!
BTW it's a lovely pattern and colour.


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