Thursday, March 29, 2007

Finally resuming knitting for myself

After a long break (from CNY to date, it's about 6 weeks or so), I am finally getting to knit for myself again.

No, I didn't touch the red mohair lace as I wanted a portable project that I can tote around without having to refer to the pattern chart too much.

So this is it.

silk blend circular lace

I had started this project in the round as the pattern calls for SSPs and YOs on the wrong side as well. I casted on for it 2 weeks ago and the progress is coming along quickly.

silk summer knits

As it contains silk, the phototaking is a challenge as the light reflects badly, depending on the angle. I am pretty much a novice when it comes to photographing.

It's coming to the waist so hopefully I can be done by April!

On another note, I have taken my Mom's silk tunic for a test-drive.

silk blend knitted tunic

Ok, I know I am *technically* not supposed to. But since she left it at my apartment, I suppose it's ok that I wear it?

It's really cooling to wear and at the end of the day, I have nary a bead of perspiration. That's what motivated me to go silk blend for the above project for myself.

Oh, did I mention that the yardage is incredible? The burgundy tunic only took 5 x 40g balls and you can see how long it is! I am hooked!

[Edited to add: The pattern is from a Japanese magazine, Keitodama #106 that was published in year 2000 so I am not sure if it's still available. The thing I did was to merely tweak the pattern to get the desired fit.]

PS. Thanks for the compliments on the tunic. The turquoise top is a pattern from a Lang pattern book (Updated details are found in the earlier entry itself).


ck on Thu Mar 29, 10:28:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Wow! Both of your projects are so pretty! What pattern are you using for the one you're knitting now?

SweetPeaknits on Sun Apr 01, 05:06:00 AM GMT+8 said...

It looks gorgeous on you. Does that mean mum has lost that tunic you knit for?

Sheila on Sun Apr 01, 10:22:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Love the silk tunic.

Katie on Tue Apr 03, 09:45:00 PM GMT+8 said...

They are both beautiful! Now I want to knit one! :)

H on Thu Apr 12, 05:47:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I love the burgundy silk tunic. Do you have a pattern for it?

yuvee on Thu Apr 12, 06:51:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Oh I love that tunic, so gorgeous! What yarn is it that you used?

Jodi Mowery on Thu May 10, 01:24:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Amazing silk tunic. Gah!


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