Thursday, October 26, 2006

Inching slowly

Perhaps it's the year end approaching, there seems to be a burst of activities which made me alternate between highs and lows... at times, I feel so energized that I can't get to sleep even at 3am in the morning. But on other days, I can't seem to fall out of bed until past 11am.

I swear the haze has a lot to do with my tiredness. I have sensitive skin, eyes and nose. So the haze has resulted in my skin having a huge breakout, and my eyes watered more frequently. Not to mention the weariness that sets in.

Other than that, much of the activities are centered around my knitting. I was invited to for a local magazine, Simply Her, that is writing an article about female bloggers in Singapore. It's going to be out in the December issue. The photoshoot session was quite fun as I had a chance to meet up with another blogger that I heard so much about but never met in person till that day.

Silly me, I had brought my camera along but everything happened so fast that I didn't think about flashing my camera until the whole shoot was over! Drats!

Other than that, my own knitting progress has been slow.

The 12 year old that has been previously ripped back to the hip has grown. But be forewarned as I am going to rip it back again. I don't quite like the way it fits so I want to change the shaping again.

I am sure there are knitters out there who would probably frown at my constant knitting and ripping; being sure that there's a much better and foolproof way of calculating all the stitches before commencing (i.e. the scientific way). And I would tend to agree. However, with longer garments like dresses, there is always the issue of gravity so it seems to be that knitting the dress up is closer to reality.

Besides, I am not the Queen of Frogpond for nothing [grin].

Lacey Mo is also coming along well.

This is one project that I haven't quite mastered the charts yet as it's alternating between a few variations. So I can't be having chit-chatting and looking my friend in the eye when I am knitting this piece. It's grown quite a bit now.

My galfriends who knew of my great ambition to make this into a jacket has several observations:
"How are you going to wear it?"
"If you put this lace on, it's almost like wearing nothing!"
"How would you wash it?"
"A jacket seems very challenging. Why don't you convert it into a shawl?"

A SHAWL?! No way! After all that hard work, I would much rather have it pieced together as a complete garment. But I may be speaking too soon. Let's see how this goes.

I also had an instant gratification piece -- a knitted Zigzaging Shanghai Scarf* for an ex-colleague of mine.

She wanted to go to JiuZaiGou in China during early Oct and requested a scarf. She's even offered to pay but this scarf is my gift to her. She's been such a nice pal and office mate in my previous workplace.

True to her niceness, she's also offered to take a photo of her wearing the scarf for my blog. Yay!

PS. Thanks to those who has shown interest in that Bamboo lacey top -- the patterns are all on scraps of paper so hopefully one of these days, I can gather all of them and consolidate into a proper single pattern sheet!

*Bet you are asking where the scarf pattern came from...I designed it during one of my trips to Shanghai.


Sheila on Thu Oct 26, 09:03:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Hi Emy and thanks for the compliment on my crop sweater... I should have a pic up today... I am totally loving Zigzaging Shanghai Scarf.. it is a beautiful gift.. btw, the Lacey Mo is oh so detailed oriented... I commend you on the skill of working with such fine yarn... I would like to see it as a jacket.

Ling on Sat Oct 28, 05:50:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Hi there. You sound like you had a fun time at the photoshoot!! Hope the haze is getting better, now that it's the rainy season. It was awful when I was there 2 weeks ago.

Love the zig zag scarf! Another gorgeous pattern!

Becky on Wed Nov 01, 04:42:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Oh, definitely make it into a jacket. I can see it being much more versatile than a shawl, and I can think of many wears to wear it. It'll look fabulous!

Knittymama on Thu Nov 09, 05:53:00 AM GMT+8 said...

You have some beautiful creations on your blog.

So sorry you missed the coffee swap deadline. The next one will be in May. I'll try to remember to give you a heads up, or you can keep an eye out of the Swap blog or mine for notices. Thanks for your interest!

Anonymous said...

whoua ! so nice your creations .. !!


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