Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still the blues

Thanks for all your participation in the shawl polling.

As it stands:
53% of you suggest that I leave it as is.
41% thought that it could be bigger.
6% wants to see it ripped.

Well, guess what?!
I just measured the shawl across and it's about 32" in diameter when blocked.

So....I am likely to rip and reknit to a bigger shawl size!

Yes, you heard me right...I am not out of my mind yet; I still love this shawl pattern enough to attempt it again. This time, on way bigger needles!

Hubby and I have planned for a quick getaway this weekend with our friends so this will be my travel project since we're driving up to KL.

Bye, bye shawl...

On the other hand, the blue shell is coming along nicely. I have finished the back and now onto the front.

That's where I noticed this:

2 rows of unbelievably loose tension. And I decided to do something about those 2 offending rows that is staring right into my face -- I am not about to back down a dare. And so off I went, grafting them.

I figured that the loose tension might have arised from my unravelling earlier. The plying of this yarn doesn't lend it to much unravelling and re-using. And I am knitting at a tighter tension to get it look *right* for this shell and basically, making my needles blunter by the minute.

If everything goes accordingly to schedule, by next week, these 2 should be FOs!

PS. If you did try to get to my blog the last few days and couldn't access my site, that's because my site was on a bad file server and they had it down for a migration. But I am happy to be back on live!


mona on Tue Mar 21, 01:54:00 PM GMT+8 said...

That shell is gorgeous!

I am a midnight knitter too. Sometimes I take a day off just so I can through the night when it's cooler. It sure gets really hot during the day around here, doesn't it??

--Deb on Tue Mar 21, 10:50:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Considering how much I hate ripping back anything, all I can say is wow. You're a braver woman than I am!

Kim in Oregon on Tue Mar 21, 11:46:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Package arrived safe and sound, the hat is very cute, thanks for all the treats.

Mimi on Thu Mar 23, 11:38:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I can't believe you are ripping apart that beautiful shawl. Great determination!
The blue top is lovely! I knitted this design in a 3/4 sleeve before. Just recognize it because i wore it yesterday! :) I often have the same loose tension problem when i redo a few rows in my projects too.

Kuka on Thu Mar 23, 02:31:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Hey =)
I love the shell - its beautiful!!
This colour is awesome, I'm hoping to do a vest in the same.
Very inspiring!

Christina on Fri Mar 24, 12:39:00 PM GMT+8 said...

It's great that you're reknitting the shawl. You'll use it a lot more if you're happy with the finished product. Good luck finishing these two projects over the next week.

celia on Fri Mar 24, 01:07:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Love the shell! You'll have to show me when I am next in SGP.

Ling on Sat Mar 25, 07:18:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Gorgeous shell. Love the blue colour.

I can't believe you are ripping out the shawl, it's gorgeous.
Have fun in KL (I'm originally from KL!)


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