Friday, June 10, 2005

Small but big!

Yes, ironic isn't it? I mean, look at this:

This is a dress meant for a one year old. When I casted on and started knitting a couple of inches, I was floored. Can you imagine the width of the hem was about 42 inches?! It could be my dress since my waist is only 32"!

I didn't think that knitting a one year old garment was gonna be that long stretching; I could have knitted myself the Nothing but a T-shirt designed by Alison who is also incidentally the host of Sockapal-2-za of which I managed to squeeze in during the latecomers round.

Now, despite saying this - I still love fine gauge knits but they really do take a lot of time and effort. I find them more classic and lasting. So this project on 6.5sts to an inch is still alright for me.

I think I want to go fondle my recycled silk yarns and unkink my fingers for a while.



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