Monday, May 23, 2005

Baby KAL update

For the formalities:
I apologize for this week's delayed KAL update.

This week has been mad for me as I've been running around to purchase some house accessories so that the renovation contractor could install them before handing over the apartment. I can wield needles to do a knit and crochet dance. But screwdrivers or drillers?! They are not my idea of toys.

And my internet connection has been intermittent. Just trust Murphy's Law, will you?
Enough of the rant, you get the idea....

But more importantly, I finally met Kimberli! She's also on the Baby KAL so it's great to meet in person. She's also brought her baby socks to show and they're really cute.

On the Baby K(C)AL front, there has been some momentum. There's new people joining the list. Janette may be the record holder as she have 7 (seven?!) babies to knit for before the end of the year when I just thought having 2 (my sister and my gal friend) is keep me busy enough. Chie has just joined but she's just crocheted a pair of adorable baby booties and some baby bibs too! She is just the gal to make me keep wanting to get back to crochet.

Bernadette is making some baby sweaters from "Rowan for babies" book and I find those patterns lovely. Can't wait to see the completed projects. MJ has more progress on her work too.


la sof on Tue May 24, 07:02:00 AM GMT+8 said...

hi Emy, i'm sorry for being so mute, but french administartion can drive anybody crazy... now i'm ok with adminitration and can go on holiday... tomorrow!!...with all the baby Item (ok, only 3 but took me time enough) i've knitted during the Knit-along!!


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