Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sleepless in Singapore

I couldn't get to sleep last night. I tossed and turned in bed. Got fed up enough to finally get out of bed at 6am. So officially I was up for close to 30hours before I crashed in late noon for a quick nap.

It's obvious that I needed to make good use of the time I have; it's not everyday where it feels like there's 30hrs in a day!

I started looking for patterns that I could use for the Baby Knitalong (see it on my right sidebar). I found *some* but that's really an understatement - there are *tons* of them out there! Pass them along to me if you would like to share them too - I'd put them up tomorrow.

All that web surfing is real dangerous activity; I had to muster real restraint at not drooling and wanting to buy more yarn!

So I had to direct that energy to something positive: like doing a facelift (not on me, I don't need one at this point.) When I decided to do this Baby Knit/Crochet Along, I figured that I needed more space on the sidebars to put the links up. So here it is.

If you had trouble getting onto this site earlier today, I apologize. But I do hope this template makes for easier reading with its light background. The blog banner has such a picturesque beach.

I also started on the 2nd front piece of the hoodie. I think I ought to move onto the hoodie. That'll be more fun than going to sleeve island.

Oh, and thanks for all that encouragement and compliments of the sock! I just wondered why I didn't go into sock knitting earlier; it's just nothing but short rows (haha, right, now I can say that....) I think I am going into SSS aka Second Sock Syndrome soon.


Cara on Sat Apr 16, 01:49:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Emy, i like the new looks of your site. :-)

opportunityknits on Sat Apr 16, 07:26:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Good work done on the site - love the new colours! And the photo is very nice - is it the east coast beach? Are you going to put the knitting meet-up link back? I also noted that there was some announcement about charging meet-up organisers a fee soon - talk to you about it later.


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