Tuesday, March 22, 2005

W(ee)ping away

I am keeping my hands on my WIPs and trying very hard not to work on something new.
*Apart from my sister's hoodie sweater, Mariah, my girlfriend's scarf etc etc.

Here's a WIP revisited...

The baby love-knot dress
It's hard to tell but the top part is crocheted scallops and the bottom part is solomon's knots. And I just finished the hem edging. Will proceed to the sleeves next. Crossing my fingers for an FO by this weekend.

If you are gasping at the poor photo quality, yes, I've returned my friend's camera. *Sob, sob*

More *weeping*. I've been bumming at home for a while now and I am thinking some income is nice. So what about an online yarn business?

I am hoping it could serve the Asian region's customers. Create an alternative yarn source compared to our LYSes. Not sure how feasible it is though... how much do Asian customers buy and what do they buy? I am drawing a blank at these questions. I am very *much* an impulsive knitter who goes on regular buying sprees to stash. But I do wonder if there are similar people out there.

So can someone convince me if this idea is gonna to work or just doesn't make sense?

PS. Thanks for Lauren, Froggy and Eva for your kind words on Saffron. She's getting quite well liked. I decided she can be friends with my jeans afterall!


mona on Wed Mar 23, 11:50:00 AM GMT+8 said...

one word! Rowan!
and Jaeger and handpainted yarn and Japanese yarns and Lorna's Laces and Cherry Tree and..and...

Actually that's from looking at my purchases in the last few months.
I won't posti t here but I'll email what my expenditure on yarn is in the last 3 months and about 30 percent of that is postage.

sherry on Thu Mar 24, 01:52:00 AM GMT+8 said...

wow, that saffron is gorgeous!!love the color.the baby dress is precious also. found your blog thru another one, am enjoying it.

Laura.Y on Thu Mar 24, 05:11:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Love that saffron and love that babe dress...:) Hope I get to ur level one day.


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