Friday, March 4, 2005

More on the cam & a peek into my S'pore estate

Thanks for the comments ladies. I am so overwhelmed by your responsiveness.

From the comments:
Siow Chin said… I use a Nikon Coolpix (I forgot the model no.) kinda slow but okay for me. I recently bought a jacket from Zara girls, size 16, fits like a glove :D
No kidding?!

Doreen said… Hi,The top looks nice on you :)

Cara said… I use Canon IXUS v3. I recommend that shop which i have bought two cameras from. (The reasons? Please ask me in private. ;-) )FYI, the next computer show will be on the coming Thursday, 10th March.

Lauren said… A toddler top that fits you? wow! Well, at least it looks very nice on you, Emy!Take care!

Erin said… This top fits you so well, amazing. Hope you're having fun seaming up miss saffron.
Hmm... I am still thinking of these gazillion bullion stitches I have to stitch on, if I were to.

Chie said… "That toddler top is nice on you! :D If I were you, I'd be happy it fits me, and I get to keep it. :)My camera is Fujifilm FinePix. "
Yes Chie, I am always happy to keep what I knit :) Also, let me know when you are ready for me to link.

toni said… I too have found Bliss baby patterns to be huge but luckily in the case of my nephew he's a big boy. As for my digitals, I have an Olympus C3040Z that I use for "real" pics, the other a Canon Elph 4-something. I carry the Elph with me everywhere. My fav features: size of a pack of cigs, automated lens that doesn't stick out when not in use, very durable.

Dominique said… Ce tricot est très joli !

Merci beaucoup! (That's one sentence I kinda remembered from my one year French class from school 10 years ago. Anything else more than that will be beyond me. And I just had plans to knit a French pattern. Wish me luck!)

It seems that the following conclusions are derived:
1. There is no particular overwhelming brand for a digital camera. Choices you have range from Nikon to Canon to Fuji to Olympus! So what should I choose?! I am still open for more advice.
2. New generation kids are evidence given by Siow Chin & Toni.

3. People are reading my blog! (Ok, and I did delete that nonsensical spam comment.)

Actually with the comments left by Dominique, it suddenly occurred to me that there might be others who are reading my blog from non-English speaking countries. So I am going to add a link to an online translator engine. Let me know if you test it out and whether it works...I think the style of writing will have an impact on the machine-translated results (i.e. whether I 'll end up being GIGO - garbage in, garbage out).

Shoot & Kill!
With my borrowed toy, I went out shooting.

Here's a peek from mom's kitchen yesterday. A blurry photo attempt at showing you the rain! Yes, a HEAVY rain that literally wetted the corridor. I tried to make a brave dash out of the house but the rain gods are having fun mocking at me; pouring buckets of rain at me. I give up. So here's proof that sunny Singapore does get a little drippy at times.

Today, the skies cleared up fabulously and it's real sunny. I got out and took a shot from the corridor. From my mum's block, you could see the apartment that I will be moving to. It's like 15 minutes walk. The block is 26 years old. (Did I tell you that we've finally finalized on a contractor?! I am so relieved. More in another post.)

And my mum's block? 4 years old! It's a 28 storey tall building and there is another 3 blocks; built in a cluster.

These are HDB (Housing & Development Board) flats. 84% of Singapore's population live in public housing while the rest stay in private condominums or estates and landed property.

Why did I bother to even post these photos?! Testing out the camera's capabilities is one of them. Secondly, to show those who's never been to a highly-urban country how Singapore looks like (from a residential point of view). And finally, these photos are for those who wished for the sun and I am hoping that they will get some consolation here!

Actually looking at these pictures, I do find Singapore a little claustrophobic. In fact for the last 36 hours, the neighours' door bell seem to be ding dong-ing non-stop. I think it's jammed or something. Even with the doors and windows closed, I can hear it coming out of their house. They don't seem to be in. I think mum's gonna march over tonight and ask them *kindly* to dis-able it; my head's hurting.

And in case you are asking, I am trying to avoid any mention of the "k" word until I get more progress... I am trying to get my research proposal out by next Monday. Sheesh!


mamacate on Fri Mar 04, 10:43:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

I recently upgraded (for similar reasons) to a Panasonic Lumix 5 mp camera: (it was on sale at this spot a month ago, but the current price is higher, I'd froogle it if you're buying from abroad). There are other 5mp cameras that are cheaper, but I used to be really into photography, and Leica optics are just about as good as it gets. I have never owned anything Leica before (their film cameras go for more than $1,000), so I was excited about that. It has a huge screen on the back (though there's no viewfinder to look through; you have to use the LCD) and it has all the adjustments I want. Because part of what I'm photographing is my kids, I need it to have a short delay (from when you press the shutter to when it takes the picture) and this one does. It also has some doohicky that makes it able to take pics in rapid succession, though I haven't needed that yet. I'd definitely recommend it.

Thanks for the awesome photo essay--I love learning about new places!


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