Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Driven to wake up early.
Driven to blog.
I don't have to prepare breakfast for hubby and no kids to send to school.
Yet, I am all alert and awake 6am this morning!

What am I blabbling about? Oh yes, it's about the adrenline high I got. From all those lovely and encouraging feedback on my FOs and actually completing them. Ms Royal and FBS have been one of those gals that gets you edgy. They are both a little more problematic than my usual partners. So a nice RAOK would have been nice to top it all off. But no, I haven't got one*1.

But to capitalize on that adrenline overdrive, I decided to start yet another project yesterday.

Not another project?! My competitive streak is showing, is it not? Proves the destructive aftermath trauma the corporate world leaves you with does not go away, even after you have decided to call it quits.
(At least for a while, anyway... it's the start of my 4th month stay-at-home phase.)

I've decided to call her Ms Turner; she's for a friend. You can meet her here:

That's name I gave her is obvious right? LOL
Can anyone guess what she'll turn out to be?

I am certainly aware that it's nowhere near snow where I am and that Singapore's a sweltering hot 33 degrees Celsius (that's about 91.4 Fahrenheit) during noon time. But I promised my friend that I'll make her a birthday gift and she can put it away until this coming winter.

Ms Turner has been really friendly and goes quick. I'll be sad when she's done.
Oh, and did I say this is cream coloured? If Froggy's turning up another FO in this color, I'll be jinxed! LOL.

*1 Though it's a high time I should get some going. I should be sending out some along this coming week.



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