Monday, February 7, 2005

Chocolates...Let me count the ways I love THEE

Yup, about 5 hrs ago when I wrote a lengthy post about my other worthy passion: chocolates.
Blogger decided to feast on it selfishly rather than to share. What a glutton!

Anyway, the topic of chocolates came up due to a couple of recent incidents:

1. Carumba no it's not Cha cha
Last Friday, was munching on Tim Tam when Carumba suddenly popped into my mind. These are chocolate biscuits from
Arnotts, in case anyone's wondering. And I haven't bumped into the latter (a wonderful fruit & nut chocolate biscuit) for quite a while in the supermarkets so I went a-surfing.

Only to find that:
- the online store was shut down
- Carumba sales has been falling so they have decided to discontinue it!

Morale of the story: When you love something, let it show. Holding back from showing my unbridled passion for Carumba thinking that I could have it once in a while is sheer folly. Never again.

2. Coco on your body, not through your mouth?
My favourite skincare company, Origins sent a catalog announcing the launching of their latest Cocoa range of body products. Gotta go check out the products and see if they smell anything like the real McCoy. I dislike those products that claim cocoa use and then smell totally yucky and synethic, if you know what I mean.

Let me count the ways I love cocoa....

Morale of the story: If it's good enough to eat, they'll make it good enough next to your skin.


3. What has chocolate got to do with this blog?
I wanted to get on this topic as I was browsing
Fiber Fumblings site. I've got to agree with her that Godiva is not quite on my list. Instead, she's talking about this Bissinger's. I wonder if they'll ship overseas. I LOVE VALRHONA. It's Jivara and Caraibe for me anytime....75grams blocks can be chowed down in one sitting easily. If not for its prohibitive costs, I would love to gorge on more. The irony? My hubby loves white chocolate more.

Chocolate and cocoa is up there with knitting.
They both de-stress you; they pick you up when you are down.
They soothe and calm your nerves.
They get you giddy and dizzy when you walk onto the store
The sensations and shivers they send down your spine when you're in contact with them.
Nothing beats a hot cup of cocoa and your knitting in a relaxed unrushed afternoon.

So don't hold back when you think of yarn or chocolate. You can have your favourites, but never be afraid to try new ones.

Morale of the story: Buy, hoard & stash!* (I learnt my lesson with Carumba!)

Oh yeah, here's the last bite on my last Tim Tam to mark this post!

PS. Now, I've got to go to the supermarkets for more!


Anonymous said...

I, too, love Valrhona. Guess what my significant other is getting for Valentine's Day? I hope he shares it with me! :-)


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