Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Slowly but surely

Yup. I am making slow progress on the Saffron. Left front's done; now still on right -- it's taking a while as I was doubling over in bed due to a stomach virus for the past few days.

But I am better now. In fact, I made it to another of our monthly Meetup earlier this afternoon in the Library Cafe.

January 2005 Knitting Meetup
Seems like most of the members still can't make it. Cara came up with a brilliant idea to set up her iBook to autorun some meetup snippets and quotes etc. I brought along some WIPs (gasp!)and FOs to show.

Only one brave soul came up and chatted to us. That's just about it. Not bad for starters.

Then I spied another at the knitting shelf browsing. She was on the 'learning to knit' page. I invited her to come up and join us but she just keeps declining. Funny how people sometimes feel that they so imposed themselves on you and reject your gesture of kindness when you do really want to offer help? Durh...

Perhaps what we really need is high traffic area.

In the comments,
Laura says, "coming up to Singapore for CNY would love to join one of your knit meets if possible."
Sure Laura! I'll be happy to catch up anytime!

Stella also mentioned, "I made it & I like wearing it though it took me forever to finish it. "
I think it's gonna be an uphill battle...I mean, a cardi is made up of 5 pieces! I'm sure I'll get to the destination eventually. :)

WIPs Busting List
While having more time to myself lately, I've gotten my act together and put together a quick immediate list of WIPs to get on and over with.

1. The teddy bear
I brought it along to meetup, knowing that seaming party could be made less painful with another being participating in a similar act with me simultaneously...hi Cara!

2. The blue fairisle top
Two inches to be added to both sleeves, followed by a sleeves to body seaming and that'll be it!

3. Duo-tone blouse
With armholes to be neatened by crocheting.

4. Baby dress
Remember that solomon's knotting?

5. FBS
Others are joining the
FBS Redux but I think I will just hold back on joining another KAL. Instead, I will take some time to untink and add more repeats to it.

Ms Saffron is just gonna be in my tote-along bag as it's so light and portable.

I have to really cross and twist my fingers real hard I dun start on something new again before all these. Mariah's an exception.

Oh, and did I mention how glad I be part of ROAK?



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