Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Here's what I've been up to.


Just as we are all looking forward to a new smashing 2005, *smashing* indeed it was; brought on by the tsunami that has caught everyone off guard. Especially since it's happened in the Asian region, it has really hit me how much I have been taking people around me (my loved ones, my friends who care about me) for granted. Life's too fragile and unpredictable. Do take time out to show your gesture of love, care and kindness today.

Also, do send some well wishes and good thoughts to those caught in this crisis. Some donations wherever possible will help too.

There is no such thing as too much love.

Enuff said.

Welcoming the new year, stash organization
Hubby's commented that I have seemingly more and more yarn since I've been back in town. Right, when one stays in a 900+ sq ft apartment alone, those stash doesn't seem to be that prominent in terms of space occupancy right?

Well, they are falling left and right and spilling over from the bags, like mini avalanches waiting to happen. So some ziplock bags and packing, the scene is more serene. But this is only for those in the visible areas. Wait till we move to our own apartment! Lily Chin's idea of hanging yarn bags outside the windows does seem like a viable solution. ROFL.

As long as I organize the stash, there is always more room for it right?

A FO to blue top
On the knitting front, the blue top body is done. When I tried the sleeves though (yes, I do defy standard norms and sew sleeve side seams first), they seem a little short -- 2 INCHES! Well, nothing to do with the pattern, I am long limbed (read: not proportionate)...perhaps the ancestral chimpanzee DNAs happen to be more pronounced in my body. LOL! So is hubby!

So I will need to re-knit the sleeve caps again before joining it. This is also gonna be one hell of a skin-tight garment. No dancing wildly and exaggerating moves in this one.

New projects
You gals will know that I am forever embarking on new projects. I am decidedly a process knitter. Bought some Sirdar Pure Cotton 4 ply. Intended on working a shawl with the fine gauge (28 sts by 36 rows on 3.25mm needles) but decided that a Rowan cardi named Saffron* in Issue 25 works in my favor too.

Reality check: Fabric shawls 3, cardi 0.
So cardi wins!
It's obvious that I don't quite like buttons isn't it? Check out my FOs on the right-sidebar for evidence. And yes, if I can help it, cotton is acceptable for me to work on and I do get wonky stitches too. But they get evened out after going the rinse and drying.
And Mariah along is coming up Feb. I am trying not to get too excited about it. I think I will check gauge and see if I could acquire some never-used-before-yarn (read: new) for this project.

At the same time, I am also trying to slip into my new lifestyle --
The third day of no work!
Can you believe that I am actually up awake earlier this past few days? It's a sign and I am glad that I am in *no work* mode for a short hiatus. Am intending to take a 3 month breather to work on my Masers thesis.

Ok, this is now PUBLIC people, so please heckle and prod me to get started on it. I have a deadline by end May!

For those interested in the details, I started embarking on this distance-learning self-study degree in 1999. And completed all required coursework by 2001 before I headed to China for a job posting for 2.5 years. Returned to Singapore just this July and still got no headway with my thesis.

So decided a *proper time-off* is the only way for me to do this.
No excuses of overtime, tiredness from work, stress or jet-lag.
Nada, ziltch, zero.

So gals, if you see me chilling out too unnecessarily, please yank me off my butt to get back to the books!
This week is an exception of coz, this gal's got to do some lifestyle adjustment.

Otherwise, there is no way I will be able to justify my 25k investment.

*Lazy to get my camera out. Will get you photos in the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emy - Thank you for commenting on my cable sweater. Good luck with your thesis. I understand it can be hard to get motivated. I had a hard time getting my grad school application together. So are you going to make the Saffron sweater? I made it & I like wearing it though it took me forever to finish it.
Stella at

Laura.Y on Fri Jan 07, 11:40:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Hi Emily,

I'm a new knitter in Malaysia. Love the stuff you knit up. They are gorgeous...:) Will be coming up to Singapore for CNY would love to join one of your knit meets if possible. Cheers.


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