Monday, December 27, 2004

Xmas, blah...!

Xmas wasn't that great for me as expected. I was hit by a bout of flu and cough. Thanks to Mom and hubby, they are the germ beasts! Ended up in bed most of the time and had to drag my dreary self to work on Monday. But it's 4 more days to go before I am finally off work! (at least for a while)

I managed to get my fairisle body knitted up. Now a seaming party's due...for the teddy bear and my dual-tone blouse too. Long island tea, anyone?

I am feeling so accomplished by now: I didn't pull out my hair, I didn't relegate the fairisle project to UFO's been a good year *cough, cough* Wonder if Santa would bring me more yarn next year? (grin)

Other stuff:
Stitchingirl asked, "Would you mind telling me the pattern for the turtleneck cabled sweater? It's scrumptious."

The pattern is on the cover of the VK Winter 2001/02 issue, not that you can make out much of it from the model's photo shoot.



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