Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Xmas everybody!

You'll notice that there is no Christmas mention whatsoever on my blog.
Until now.

Hubby's been asking for his Xmas pressie. *TWICE*. I figured he must have wished to receive a gift from me real bad. Don't get me wrong -- he's been the darling in the relationship. According to him, he's got my presents all lined up to year 2007: that's Valentine's, my birthday, our anniversary & Xmas!!

So yes, I've gotten mine from him, when he came back from his last Australian trip. In my ungodly panic mood that struck the day before, I decided there was one thing to buy him. And I can yack about it here becoz I am very sure that he doesn't read my blog.

So right after dinner with my colleagues last night, I hurried down to the mobile shop to get the *ultimate* present: a new Sony Ericsson K508i phone for him. His current one is not a very good working condition. This new phone looks a little more understated (he's your regular kind of guy so nothing fanciful for him); and the best part -- the camera len can be covered, unlike most models where it's left exposed.

It's all wrapped up and ready to be gifted to him tonight.
Wish you all have a blazing or cozy Christmas, however you like it.
For me, I will just start planning for 2005 Xmas to get a headstart alright?

And for those wanting to have a looker, here's the photo taken with Siow Chin. Isn't her daughter cute?

And you can have a peek into my secret package sent to Canada.



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