Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Screwy sidebar & non-knitting content

On my blog
I dunno what's happened but somehow the sidebar's gone a little off. If anyone out there has a clue, please email or leave me a comment.

Note: It is now *fixed*. Apparently, moi at last post must have change the sidebar wrapper setting, making it bigger than it should. Me happy now. :)

On knitting
On the knitting front, the fairisle/border 2nd sleeve done. My dear friend has received the secret package and it arrived in Canada successfully.

Now working on the body in the round *again*. By any luck, I am crossing my fingers that I will get the darned lovely project done by end Dec!

Meeting knit pals
It was great last Saturday. I managed to meet up Karen & Cara. We are supposed to have a meetup this Sat but I am not sure if anyone is gonna be able to make it. But I *do* know of
someone who's ready to meet!

Now onto the non-knitting content (skip if you wish)
Hubby and I went to a furniture place last weekend. We have *so* impulsively put down deposit for the furniture that we liked. [Even before we nailed down and finalized the interior design.] They kind of fit into the resort/comfy look we liked. We will be doing more furniture shopping this coming weekend.

Talk about how implusive streaks seems to run across all disciplines. (*sheepish grin*)


mona on Thu Dec 16, 12:14:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Moving is soooo expensive isn't it? We haven't found our pperfect furniture yet so we'll be sitting on cushions on the floor for a while.

Chrissie on Thu Dec 16, 03:27:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Hi Emilyn,

I am ready to meet this weekend (actually, reason why I didn't go last week is I thought meet up was 19th Dec ... )

Anonymous said...

Hi Emy,

FYI, the links are wrong for the Completed Baby Items and Completed Garments. ;-)
Glad to see those pictures of your completed projects.



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