Thursday, December 9, 2004

Questions on my blog

I have noticed some questions being left on the comments section. Unfortunately, as I used the default Blogger commenting system, I am not sure if any of you receives an alert when new comments are being posted -- I *think* not. So I have taken this opportunity to do a summary of the questions asked and post responses here. Just becoz I don't think people will be going back to the comments sections to anticipate to read the responses?
Or could it be just me, who don't quite go back to other people's blog to see my responses? Anyway...

Mary asked a question:
"Hi I have the same pattern for the elf from Jean Greenhowe I love her stuff!! But for some reason I cant seem to get the leg seem down any tips?"

The procedure I used as follows:
1. sew across foot seam.
2. sew up body seam (up to the neck area first).
3. sew the leg divide seam right through both the front and back pieces (normal seaming, nothing fancy)
4. then I did stuffing for the legs and the body (if you had stuffing before, it would be very difficult to do a proper job of dividing and seaming through the leg seam evenly).
5. sew the remaining of the seam to the head and tie the neck to pull in.

Chie & Doreen asked where they could lay their hands on the wedding dolls pattern.
These are from Jean Greenhowe's pattern books. I love her patterns as the dolls turn out very 3D-like, if you know what I mean. If you want to have a look at completed items, check out my sidebar completed toys items -- there are some FOs from her other books as well.



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