Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Who am I?

20 Questions to a Better Personality

Wackiness: 32/100

Rationality: 34/100
Constructiveness: 84/100
Leadership: 62/100

You are a SECL--Sober Emotional Constructive Leader. This makes you a Politician.You cut deals, you change minds, you make things happen. You would prefer to be liked than respected, but generally people react to you with both. You are very sensitive to criticism, since your entire business is making people happy.

At times your commitment to the happiness of other people can cut into the happiness of you and your loved ones. (This is SOOOO TRUE!) This is very demanding on those close to you, who may feel neglected. Slowly, you will learn to set your own agenda--including time to yourself. You are gregarious, friendly, charming and charismatic.

You like animals, sports, and beautiful cars. You wear understated gold jewelry and have secret bad habits, like chewing your fingers and fidgeting.You are very difficult to dislike.

Of the 50646 people who have taken this quiz since tracking began (8/17/2004), 7.2 % are this type.

In general, I think a little wayward...I don't quite confront, I love peace but I have absolute no patience for people who are ignorant yet act like they know everything when you try to teach them. Usually for those with egos as such, I have to write them off.



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