Thursday, November 4, 2004

Happy birthday to me...

Yeah...a non-knitting blog subject.

It's my birthday and I still went to work today. It was great knowing that my friends out there are still thinking of me. No, no hubby (he's outstation) hoo. Knitting's my best friend and I intend for them to keep me company.

Ok. Back to knitting. I have joined a bear-along sometime ago and thought I would do about it. Yup, just started my mr bean bear today on my way back home on the train (subways or metros, that's what you gals call it.) It will be my mindless project as it's all garter stitch. Don't you just love simple things? I think I would move onto Debbie Bliss' bear when I am done with this.

The office building I am working in has also put up Christmas decorations alread. It's so lovely. I have the strong urge to get some Xmas ornaments knitting done. knitting schedule is gonna be real bad!


Anonymous said...

That's great that you started your bear! Keep us updated. And happy birthday, too!

Katie J.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!

Eva Shiu/ Hong Kong


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