Saturday, November 6, 2004

Help! I have just committed one of the knitting's cardinal sins!

Buying insufficient yarn!

Remember the IK Flower Basket Shawl? I decided to use that silvery yarn to knit and the last time I binded off, it was 10 repeats and a tad too small. (It *barely* rests on my shoulders and the tips do not cross over at all.) RiGHT!

I thought I'll just pop by the store today to pick up another ball so that I can add 4 - 6 repeats (however much needed to make it decent for my use) and to *my* horror, they have none of it left...not even *one*! Yikes! Worse still, they are not importing that anymore...

What am I gonna do?

Why, as usual, find an attention diverter....something called *knitting*. In the meantime, I just sent an email to my knitting mates and hoped that one of them has it in their baskets

I decided that mr bean is too brown so it's gonna be mr bean / ms debbie bliss aviator bear ms greenhowe bear...see how fickle-minded I am? Photos to come when it becomes somewhat more recognizable tomorrow.

If there is ever a record for most trips to the frog pond, I am sure I am in the runnings, if not the champion! hmm...


Chrissie on Wed Nov 10, 02:08:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Dear emilyn,

First, happy birthday. But I am sorry I do not have any of the silver yarn. When I went there the silver was already sold out so I got 2 balls of pink instead. And some silver-ish gray wool because I really wanted a silver flower basket ... huh huh. How many balls have you already used for your current size?


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