Saturday, November 20, 2004


Finally, something to show as FO since I started my blog ;P

Isn't it cute that it's finally have a face?


Yup, this is the secret thingy I was working on. Just curious how it was gonna turn out.

2 completed projects in a single day.

Yeah! I feel better already. You know that feeling right? Whenever you keep starting projects (and I *do* have a serious case of startitis) and then something comes along and distracts you, just like:-
  • knitalongs on others' blogs that makes you want to join
  • new issues of knitting magazines with projects that make you go: "I want this and this..."
  • going on full blown SeX (Stash Enhancement eXpeditions) and then realizing you want to try out all the yarns you bought
  • having too much froggy pond trips with your current project
  • needing a quick thrill; after mounting a full fledge garment project
It'll take quite a bit of will-power to get yourself back on track and actually finishing it. Not dumping into the WIP pile, like I always like to. Small projects are far more exciting than big projects. But the showstoppers are always the frequent hi-powered seaming parties.

Which brings me to the subject of finishing:
They rank somewhat close to the bottom of my list. I seriously think that the ability to seam well and get fantastic results is very dependent on the mood one is, during the act. I don’t like the act but I do realize it’s a very important element to the end product. Finishing especially on small projects are so tiring that I would much rather knit a mindless stockingnet stockinette project for my hubby.

[Ha...wait till he hears this -- he's been begging me to knit him another sweater in fine cotton so that he could wear it in Singapore. He knows I am *sore* with him; having knitted 2 long sleeved & 1 short sleeved sweater in cotton and linen (no photos yet, I haven't quite laid out those monsters for the shoot.) He hasn't worn them enough to justify me knitting another one for him. He's a dear for wanting them but I am not prepared to go 3mm to knit 350 stitches or more in the round for him!]

Well, not now for sure.


Chie on Mon Nov 22, 07:25:00 AM GMT+8 said...

OMG OMG I just love them! They are too cute! :)

emy on Tue Nov 23, 11:06:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Thanks Chie, just needed some divertion from routine garment knitting.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have the same pattern for the elf from Jean Greenhowe I love her stuff!! But for some reason I cant seem to get the leg seem down any tips?


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