Thursday, November 25, 2004

Confessions of a serial WIP hogger

This is for me - my confession time. I have countless WIPs laying around and they seem to be nowhere closer to seeing the light. I tried to rationalize and jotted down a list (gasp!) of reasons that is stopping me in the tracks:-

1. Not sure if the final item can fit nicely; esp. the length/size of the final item [length is always a problem for me as I am skinny and lanky]

2. Not sure if the receipient or I would like the final object. Color schemes are very subjective, ya know? Variegated yarns are one of those.

3. Getting distracted by new yarn and tossed current project into WIP pile, promising to get around but never did.

4. Always itching to have multiple projects on hand. Remember all the various discussions about being a process or project oriented person? Multi-tasking in in my blood. Isn't it for most knitters too? Just a lightbulb on a new project and I am almost inclined to go on a major web surfing to get relevant info, check out other bloggers' progress or comments, I will start raiding my stash to start! I have 3 sets of circular needles: 2 vintage Boye Needlemaster sets bought off eBay and a Clover circular set....and have dpns and other circulars that I've acquired individually to use whenever I run out of needles (haha....most of which the WIPs are hanging from!)

5. Encountering pattern errors and getting my brain fried [i am on one now of which there are 3 errors ont the chart!]

6. Or more likely than not, not having to read the pattern instructions carefully prior to starting [and not paying enough attention] that ended up falling into the frog pond so frequently. Is 3-4 trips a regularity on yours? Mine is....duh!

6. Unsure if the receipient will like my gift (I haven't been quite successful in the gifting dept) -- in the end, i just *bought* a gift

7. Deciding the project on needles are not for the current state of mind, so have it parked aside and forgot all about it [I still have yet to devise a proper inventory system.] But hey, when you live in a 980+ sq ft of space with 7 other family members + a cat, there isn't too much space to spread things out for inspection! LOL. Thank god hubby and I are moving out *soon* -- by March 2005, latest I hope.

8. Working on your project before you realise that you are running out of yarn you can't get hold of anymore! [just happened with my Flower Basket Shawl!]

9. Seaming parties -- urgh! Until I last mastered the mattress stitch, this is the major artery blockage. Even when i now *got* it, I am always so stressed seaming up areas like sleeve caps, and neck bands or tiny toy parts. I think I may have been overtly critcial but whenever I don't see left/right lining up properly; I tend to just *file away* until the next time I am in a better state of mind to tackle it again. Timeframe: unknown

These are all adding to my ever-increasing trips to the frog pond.
Now, is there a therapist out there who could develop a 12 step program to help me get out of my own mess? Or perhaps I should goad someone in the family into ripping my WIPs and re-balling them for me. Otherwise, I would have to figure out a way to live until a hundred years old. Send me some health receipes!



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