Thursday, October 14, 2004

Symmetry or not?

Remember the VK intarsia/cable project that I am embarking on? This one, I mean. Well, here's the latest progress to date:

(Oh, and I am using the vintage Boye needles from the Needlemaster set I bought from ebay)

I am thinking of having symmetry. You could tell from the sleeve that the intarsia pattern and the cables are facing one way. I am attempting to reverse the patterns for the other sleeve (Yup, I am *anal*); I can't help it. In fact, for the body, with the cables running down both sides, I think I will mirror it...

On Flower Basket Shawl
I mean, I am not that anal... I was reading others' post on the flower basket shawl (of which, by the way, I did block it*) and that's where some commented that the decreases called for on both sides (assuming you take the center row as the divder) do not create the mirror effect. So there are some of them who's gone on to
modifying the decreases on one side (read entry Sep 17) so as to get symmetry. BUT I didn't (alright, I admit, I was too lazy to unvent it and by the time I read it I was already on my 6th repeat or so.)

By the way, on the Flower Basket Shawl, it's just a tad too small, it's cursed so I think I have to make another 4 repeats to get it to decent size. I will do it whenever.

Secret package going out today
I wouldn't show you what's in it until my dear friend receives it :) I can't spoil the fun by revealing the contents, can I?



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