Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Pictures of my shopping spree(s) & FOs

All right...I confess. I sneaked to a yarn shop this afternoon. I was planning to get *something* for a special friend in Canada. I think this weekend will be a trip to the Post office for me to send out the stuff. Yeah, finally*! 
Here's a sneak into the carrier:

There are 2 crochet needles and a pack of pins buried under. I have some plans for the pink and beige yarns...in the certain Rowan issue, I saw a cardi I liked. I suspect this yarn would knit to gauge**. I like pinks and reds a lot.

Saturday's Purchases
I know you are curious on the items I bought on Saturday. Here's a picture.

The yarns are called Butterfly Super 10 -- it's cotton too. See the 2 navy blue balls on the left? They are the ones that resulted in my 3 hrs entanglement agony! The paper package has that something special for my friend too! Actually I have decided what I might want to knit these yarn into. This:

From a certain VK issue -- Fall 2002

So no stripey things for me then. I will use the sky blue for main and navy blue for contrast.

New FOs
Something to report on this one. My asymetrical cabled pink sweater (front and back views):

And a semi-FO. Except for blocking.

And how can they go without a label?

What do you think? Hubby says it's a sign of getting overboard!

I am feeling chatty today.
* This is for a knitting friend so all condiments to go into the package are bought but not the essential ("yarn") ....until today.
** This is 100% cotton and it's exactly the same yarn as I used for my Flower Basket Shawl.


Marie on Tue Oct 05, 11:01:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Your asymetrical cabled sweater is fantastic! So is your Flower Basket. It's the Flower Basket Shawl I see, right? Nice work!

emy on Wed Oct 06, 11:01:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Thanks Marie. I think the cabled asymetrical sweater is probably one of my better efforts to date. And yes, that's the Flower Basket Shawl; waiting to be blocked this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Asymetrical Sweater Looks GREAT!
Knitting Greetings from Amsterdam - Netherlands
~Lydia~ www.draw-strings.com


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