Monday, October 25, 2004

Shopping for more fibers while having WIPs on needles

How do any of you handle this? I have no clue...I was happily knitting the sleeves of my WIP when my galfriend decides to happily inform me that she is going to Australia and will be happy to pick up some yarn for me; knowing that I am such a yarn lover.

So what do I do? Wrote an email to Bendigo Mills and requested for shade cards. They came real quick! And when I got home last night, I saw the red card. Yup, a 15% off everything just this coming Wednesday card from Spotlight (an Australian crafts chain that has come into Singapore some yarns years back). Don't I like being a member?

And here's a knitting update -- my sleeves done in perfect symmetry.
This project is taking me on trips to the frog pond frequently. The P2 rows and the intarsia is killing me!

What else did I do?

Watch listing again. After this will be a break for a month or so as DH will be away in Australia for training. He leaves on Friday. I rely on him to provide watch descriptions while I am just the photographer, touchup artist, listing clerk get the picture.

In case you think I am on a tight budget, I am. Since the apartment is coming, there is all the renovation, agent commission, furniture and appliances purchases that we need to consider. It's all $$$.

But I am looking forward to spending this Saturday noon for a good time with the knitting group!



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