Monday, October 4, 2004

Photos recovered, meeting with the gals are great!

Ok...I have recovered the photos now.

So everything in the blog is ok, save for my completed items links on the right. I have just protected my albums. Somehow their shared albums feature allow for users to even edit and move the pictures as well?! Weird huh?

Knit meet with the gals on Saturday
The gals (hi Chrissie & Karen!) and I met up on Saturday. I brought along my shawl and my 2WIPs. We are browsing through the patterns that each other has brought.

Other than that, I *did* finish my Flower Basket Shawl -- did 10 repeats and I am just so eager to have it casted off. Looks tiny as it is, will probably have to block and see if it turns out properly.*

AND, so the Singapore knitter that Wendy Knits mentioned on her site turns out to be Chrissie! Ah....

We are planning on some felted bags knit...I think we will discuss more the next time we meet.

After that, I went to the Holland Shopping Mall yarn shop and bought 2 skeins of Butterfly Cotton (one each in sky and navy blue). I was planning on making something stripey; have never done one before. Alright, I admit, and a pair of 4.5mm Clover bamboo circs needles -- I just had to see how they feel on my hands; I have always used the aluminum circs ones always.

On Sunday
I was winding the navy blue skein and almost kicked myself! I had tangled it so badly that it took me *3 hours* to wind it. (Ok, and I cheated too; I had to snip it at one point coz the tangles is just too much!) Now, for the sky blue, I will be triply-careful.

*Not sure if cotton stays in shape after blocking.



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