Friday, October 1, 2004

Photobucket down....poo!

Yup, you heard it: that's the reason why I delayed my blogging today; thinking that I could link to my photos once it becomes available.

Unfortunately, that is obviously *so* not the case. The admin said that there is a range of array that has crashed and is irrecoverable. So I lost all my photos, big deal. But I just upload a whole bunch of them yesterday, damnit!

The good thing is I have actually taken a lesson from the past (due to another-I-shall-not-name photosite (where I had a *paid* subscription -- it eventually shut down and stated that if you wanted a backup copy, you had to pay them to cut a CD for advance warning) and decided to have a copy of everything I own saved onto my local harddisk.

So I will have the task of re-uploading everything onto photobucket again, as well as updating all the broken links for my past photos here on the blog.*

*Am I lucky that I have only 5 blog entries worth to update only?



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