Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Knitting and blogging

I am really envious of those bloggers who write on a daily basis. That just demonstrates their incredible flow of creativity juices and an appreciation for all things big and small.

On many occasions, I find myself hard-pressed to even come up with a decent topic to write. I mean, how much more exciting can a knitting/crochet blog be, apart from showing WIPs and project finishes?*

I know there are exceptions. People like Yarn Harlot and WendyKnits are my inspirations in the knitting field. Not only are they enthuasistic about their work (using the work "craft" just seems to belittle the tantamount professionalism they inject into the knitting they do), they are also able to extend into the area of print press, becoming extremely prolific authors. (Between the both of them, there are more than 10 books published!)

At times, I see my blog as a sounding board. I am not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore and occasionally it feels as though I am talking to myself in the mirror. And sometime like an online journal of sorts that allows me to document some whims and joys of my knitterly and crochet pursuits.

So why keep this blog alive? I have noticed that there are still many incoming hits for people wanting to know or find out more about Lily Chin's crochet dress (and you can find it in this entry here). Some of you may be looking for the pattern itself. It can be purchased directly from the Interweave store (although it's a little hard to find as it wasn't coming up when I tried searching for it. (PS. I have also added that info to the blog entry itself so you can have it in one place.)

Lily Chin crochet dress in Singapore

How can one draw continuous inspiration? I am so glad I have persisted with my knitting/crochet instruction gig despite naysayers.

Over the last few years, The Handiworks has garned a growing appreciative audience as well as allowing me to make some great friends over the years.

The Handiworks: learn knitting and crochet in Singapore

One thing's for sure. Knitting and crochet is definitely going to stay in Singapore. Perhaps not so much in a crafterly way, but more as a lifestyle hobby.

Now off to my crochet WIP.

*PS. Sure, I do have some show-and-tell pieces that I can't wait to share with you in another post.


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that your blogs, are what kept me sane on those crazy days... and the entries and pictures are a constant reminders that I will get back to my stash.



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