Friday, October 22, 2010

Something for my niece

My delightful niece (likewise, her little kid brother) addresses me as "Auntie Mommy" - a term coined by my younger sister who decided that her wonderful kids could well be mine; since I have none of my own. [Not that I am in desperate need nor have the urge to have some offspring yet.]


So I constantly have her in mind whenever I feel the urge to get some toddler knitting/crochet projects started.

This recent project was sparked off by a conversation my mom and I had when we were mall shopping. My mom saw a poncho and commented that it is a very child-friendly keep-warm clothing item. Besides not having buttons to fuss with, there is also no need for the struggle to get the kid's arms into the item; unlike a sweater. And the coverage is sufficient.

Hence the idea of a capelet.

crochet little gal capelet for singapore air con mall

As usual, I have gone through the route of selecting a pattern, working it almost halfway through, then ripping it back entirely. I just wanted a pattern that had a bit more coverage (less lacey) and also more girlish.

Reason: Just simply because I wasn't satisfied with the way it looked.  [Does that ever happen to any of you?]

So this was the resulting piece.

hand crochet toddler shawl cardigan class Singapore

I had decided to finish off with a round of crochet flowers and those had the stamp of approval from my niece who comments that she "loves pink!"

Well, if you know what that means...



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