Monday, September 19, 2005

Small things...simple pleasures

GT & I went to dinner with Zira. When Zira turned to the very first page, she was amused and insisted that I show all of you:

Click on the photo for a close up look of what it says....

GT almost died for he is one that can't go without chilli if he can help it. I mean, he literally heaps chilli sauce onto everything he eats (like white rice, yes, he does that!) , except for desserts! But the food was so good - I'll spare you all of the food photos lest your drool get onto your keyboards. [grin] Too bad this restaurant is closing in November.

Apart from that we worked up some quick crochet gifts for a little girl this weekend.

A crocheted rose brooch - once I got it figured it, it's so easy! I can't believe the transition I undergone for the past few years -- from being totally dependent on a step by step instruction guide to having to look at finished items and deciphering the pattern stitches! Of course, that just means that the frogpond is my regular hangout since I keep ripping back and redoing to perfect my trial pieces before I achieve something I like.

Took me less than an hour to get one done. I could forsee myself getting lots of these done as quick gifts!

And little girls like to keep things right? I just designed and worked this little pouch up in a single piece so no seaming is involved, except for putting that tiny button on for closure...and my label which is at the back.

I really need to get back to my store sample and get my hands all blued up tomorrow!


Moze on Mon Sep 19, 02:50:00 AM GMT+8 said...

What's wrong with chili sauce on white rice? Yum!


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