Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ms Saffron caught on blog by paparazzi!

Ms Saffron has been dodging the cameras lately but I've managed to steal some shots of her when she's lying out for a tanning session.

Here's some photos of her royal highness, Ms Saffron. She's about 85 percent done. A buttonhole band will go on all around once all parts are joined. Guess that needs to be done on the smaller needles to make it tidy.

One more sleeve on the needles to go! The shoulder & side seams are sewn up.

See the shoulder join? I am @n#l; kept comparing the charting so that it ends up with the tips of the pattern!

Blocking trip a must since I used the needle size for the cast on and throughout.

Actually I think my digital camera is gonna die on me soon. It's 5 years old and in digital age; it's time to rest in peace. Another post on that tomorrow.

Hello Kitty Along update
I think I am gonna get on my Kitty bag soon.

Mariah Along
After Ms saffron is all sewn up, I will get started with Mariah. I am sure she can't wait to get started! All that buzz and funk whenever I think about her cables and all.

On renovation
Yeah, assuming if things go on schedule, we'll appoint one by this weekend or early next week!

Gosh, this whole buying an apartment and furnishing thing is such a major exercise! It's almost like undergoing a degree course! There's so much to learn about the type of paintwork, the flooring, the lightings and especially the kitchen & bedroom carpentry! So many choices, so diverse pricings...

I ought to be lucky that 2 of my friends and my sister are moving into their apartments this year and they are also looking around. So we share the knowledge acquired and stuff.

Did I mention that I am also thinking of knitting lounging pillows for the sofa?


Anonymous said...

Hi Eny
May I know where Saffron is from? which pattern? It looks very very interesting.


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