Friday, September 24, 2004

If lace knitting ever taught me anything...

That would be:

1. Use ring markers whenever possible (when not available, anything goes, cut straws, o-rings, whatever.)
2. Do not attempt to strike up a conversation with someone while knitting it.
3. Knit when you have your pattern nearby for constant reference
4. Else, train up your memory and hone your eagle eyes! you can tell, I was cruising along for the first 5 repeats and thinking to myself, "no problem, I can handle it anytime." So on Wednesday, on joining my colleague's farewell party at the pub, I figured no harm picking up and continuing where I stopped, albeit forgetting my pattern paper. Bad move!

Until last night, I figured I repeated 2 rows and the stitches off! No wonder...despite how hard I was winging it, the pattern just didn't work out. In the end, at 2am this morning, I was tinking back those rows...

Now, I am going onto the 7th repeat. Completion is in sight! To think that I was aiming to have it ready by Thursday night! :P (I started over the weekend on Sat) Gotta cross my fingers possibly as tightly as I can. Wish me luck!

Photo taking starts over the weekend...



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